Flair Studio POLICIES


  • All parents (and students 18+yrs) must sign a waiver of liability, and agree to all terms, policies, and procedures set forth by Flair Studio during the course of their training. 


  • Owners/employees are not liable for injuries, loss of property, or stolen items while students are at  Flair Studio


  • Flair Studio reserves the right to remove/refuse service.


  • Children not attending class, or any child at the studio before/after class time will need adult supervision. Outside of class time, the studio is not responsible for the supervision of the dancers.


  • Dancers or visitors may not be disruptive to the studio atmosphere roam. 


  • Water is acceptable in the dance studios- no food, gum, or other drinks allowed.


  • Absolutely no street shoes are allowed on studio floors.


  • Parents/Guardians may not block hallways with strollers, dance bags, chairs, etc. Please leave any large strollers in the hallway. 


  • As children’s classes are progressive, children are enrolled in the class(es) for an entire school year. All classes will carry over from fall to spring, and unless otherwise noted, your child is expected to remain in the same class for both semesters. No monthly, weekly, or single class enrollment. 


  • Students late to class are required to stay outside the studio room for permission to enter the class.  Students more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed into class (per the discretion of teacher), nor schedule a makeup.


  • Instructors can be subject to change; in this case, no refund will be given. As a courtesy (not mandatory), Flair will try to notify parents of teacher's absences and will find a comparable sub in their absence. In the event of a last minute sub, no prior notice will be given. Classes may also be combined with comparable level classes if a substitute is unavailable. If a class must be canceled due to lack of a substitute, a class credit will be added.


  • Semester Classes may be permanently canceled if there is insufficient attendance in class. In this case, an alternate class may be offered for the student at another date/time. Please note that if a cancellation of a class does occur, and no alternate class can be found, Flair Studio will issue a credit toward your account. No monetary refund will be given.


  • Students are placed in classes according to age/previous training. Flair Studio reserves the right to move a student up/down a level at any time.


  • If your child will be absent from any given class, please call or text Flair Studio at 410-744 -3901 BEFORE their absence so we can inform our teachers and staff accordingly.


  • Flair Studio usually follows the Baltimore County Public Schools closings due to inclement weather. Please check our social Facebook, Instagram, voicemail, and email for weather closings. Students are allowed to make up any missed classes in other classes comparable in our schedule. Classes canceled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled. 


  • All fees paid to Flair Studio are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other student ledger, even within the same family. All payments, including credits, are applied to the oldest invoices first. Flair Studio reserves the right to ask for semester payments in advance from customers who are consistently behind on tuition.

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